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Simple Lobster Salad Cooking Recipe

Below is the quick and easy cooking recipe for Lobster Salad.

Take two live hen or female lobsters; boil them thirty minutes; drain. When cold, break them apart; crack the claws, and if the tail fins are covered with eggs remove them carefully. Take out the sand pouch found near the head, split the fleshy part of the tail in two lengthwise, remove the small long entrail found therein. Adhering to the body-shell may be found a layer of creamy fat, save this, and also the green fat in the body of the lobster (called Tom Alley by New Englanders) and the coral. If celery is used, tear the lobster into shreds with forks; if lettuce, cut the lobster into half inch pieces; place the salad herb in a bowl, add the lobster and the fat; and pour over it a rich mayonnaise; garnish with the claws and[26] heads, tufts of green, hard-boiled eggs, etc. The lobster eggs may be separated and sprinkled over the mayonnaise. The coral is used for coloring mayonnaise, and also butter, which is then used in decorating salmon and other dark fish, used in salads.

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