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Simple Woodcocks Cooking Recipe

Below is the quick and easy cooking recipe for Woodcocks.

And as for your juries—who would not set o’er them
A jury of tasters, with woodcocks before them?

Woodcocks should not be drawn, as the trail is by the lovers of “haut gout” considered a “bonne bouche.”. Truss their legs close to the body, and run an iron skewer through each thigh, and put them to roast before the fire. Toast a slice of bread for each bird, lay them in the dripping-pan under the bird to catch the trail; baste them with butter, and froth them with flour. Lay the toast on a hot dish, and the birds on the toast. Pour some good beef gravy into the dish, and send some up in a boat. Twenty or thirty minutes will roast them. Some epicures like this bird very much underdone, and direct that the woodcock should be just introduced to the cook, for her to show it to the fire, then send it to table.

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