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Simple To Cure Hams Cooking Recipe

Below is the quick and easy cooking recipe for To Cure Hams.

Or urged thereunto by the woes he endured,
The way to be smoked, is the way to be cured.

But to the fading palate bring relief,
By the Westphalian ham or Belgic beef.

When the weather will permit, hang the ham 3 days. Mix an ounce of saltpetre with one5 quarter of a pound of bay salt, ditto common salt, ditto of coarsest sugar, and a quart of strong beer; boil them together, and pour over immediately on the ham. Turn it twice a day in the pickle for 3 weeks. An ounce of black pepper, ditto of pimento in finest powder, added to the above, will give still more flavor. Cover with bran when wiped, and smoke from 3 to 4 weeks, as you approve. The latter will make it harder, and more of the flavor of Westphalia. Sew hams in hessings, i. e. coarse wrapper, if to be smoked where there is a strong fire.

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