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Simple Stuffing For Veal Cooking Recipe

Below is the quick and easy cooking recipe for Stuffing For Veal.

Poor Roger Fowler, who’d a generous mind,
Nor would submit to have his hand confined,
But aimed at all,—yet never could excel
In anything but stuffing of his veal.

Good stuffing has always been considered a chief thing in cookery. Mince a quarter of a pound of beef suet or marrow, the same w8 of breadcrumbs, 2 drachms of parsley leaves, a drachm and a half of sweet marjoram or lemon thyme, and the same of grated lemon-peel and onion chopped as fine as possible, a little pepper and salt. Pound thoroughly together with the yolk and white of 2 eggs, and secure it in the veal with a skewer, or sew it in with a bit of thread.

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