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Simple Puff Paste Cooking Recipe

Below is the quick and easy cooking recipe for Puff Paste.

Get an equal quantity of flour and butter, rub rather more than half the flour into one-third of the butter. Add as much cold water as will make it into a stiff paste. Work it until the butter be completely mixed with the flour, make it round, beat it with the rolling-pin, dust it, as also the rolling-pin with flour, and roll it out towards the opposite side of the slab, or paste-board, making it of an equal thickness, then with the point of a knife, put little bits of butter all over it, dust flour over it and under it, fold in all the sides, and roll it up, dust it again with flour, beat it a little, and roll out, always rubbing the rolling-pin with flour, and throwing some underneath the paste to prevent its sticking to the board.

It should be touched as little as possible with the hands.

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