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Simple Fricaseed Rabbits Cooking Recipe

Below is the quick and easy cooking recipe for Fricaseed Rabbits.

Your rabbits fricaseed and chicken,
With curious choice of dainty picking,
Each night got ready at the Crown,
With port and punch to wash ’em down.

Take 2 fine white rabbits, and cut them in pieces; blanch them in boiling water, and skim5 them for one minute. Stir a few trimmings of mushrooms in a stewpan over the fire, with a bit of butter, till it begins to fry, then stir in a spoonful of flour. Mix into the flour, a little at a time, nearly a quart of good consommé, which set on the fire, and when it boils put the rabbits in, and let them boil gently till done. Then put them in another stewpan, and reduce the sauce till nearly as thick as paste. Mix in about half a pint of good boiling cream, and when it becomes the thickness of bechamelle sauce in general, squeeze it through the tammy to the rabbits. Make it very hot, put in a few mushrooms, the yolk of an egg, a little cream, and then serve the Fricaseed Rabbits it to table.


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