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Simple Fowl À La Hollandaise Cooking Recipe

Below is the quick and easy cooking recipe for Fowl À La Hollandaise.

Our courtier walks from dish to dish,
Tastes from his friends of fowl and fish,
Tells all their names, lays down the law,
“Que ça est bon.” “Ah! goutez ça.”

Make a forcemeat of grated bread, half its quantity of minced suet, an onion, or a few oysters and some boiled parsley, season with pepper, salt, and grated lemon-peel, and an egg beaten up to bind it. Bone the breast of a good sized young fowl, put in the forcemeat, cover the fowl with a piece of white paper buttered, and roast it half an hour. Make a thick batter of flour, milk, and eggs, take off the paper, and pour some of the batter over the fowl. As soon as it becomes dry, add more, and do this till it is all crusted over and a nice brown color, serve the Fowl À La Hollandaise it with melted butter and lemon pickle, or a thickened brown gravy.

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