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Simple Eves Pudding Cooking Recipe

Below is the quick and easy cooking recipe for Eves Pudding.

If you want a good pudding, mind what you are taught:
Take eggs, 6 in number, when bought for a groat;
The fruit with which Eve her husband did cozen,
Well pared and well chopped, take at least half a dozen;
6 ounces of bread—let the cook eat the crust—
And crumble the soft as fine as the dust;
6 ounces of currants from the stalks you must sort,
Lest they husk out your teeth, and spoil all the sport;
6 ounces of sugar won’t make it too sweet,
And some salt and some nutmeg will make it complete.
3 hours let it boil, without any flutter,
And Adam won’t like it without sugar and butter.

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