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Simple Beef A La Braise Cooking Recipe

Below is the quick and easy cooking recipe for Beef A La Braise.

In short, dear, “a Dandy” describes what I mean,
And Bob’s far the best of the gems I have seen,
But just knows the names of French dishes and cooks,
As dear Pa knows the titles and authors of books;
Whose names, think how quick! he already knows pat,
A la braise, petit patés, and—what d’ye call that
They inflict on potatoes? Oh! maître d’hotel.
I assure you, dear Dolly, he knows them as well
As if nothing but these all his life he had eat,
Though a bit of them Bobby has never touched yet.
I can scarce tell the difference, at least as to phrase,
Between beef à. La Psyché and curls à. La braise.

Bone a rump of beef, lard it very thickly with salt pork seasoned with pepper, salt, cloves, mace,3 and allspice, and season the beef with pepper and salt. Put some slices of bacon into the bottom of the pan, with some whole black pepper, a little allspice, one or 2 bay leaves, 2 onions, a clove of garlic, and a bunch of sweet herbs. Put in the beef, and lay over it some slices of bacon, 2 quarts of weak stock, and half a pint of white wine. Cover it closely, and let it stew between 6 and 7 hours. Sauce for the beef is made of part of the broth it has been stewed in, strained, and thickened with a little flour and butter, adding some green onions cut small, and pickled mushrooms. Pour it over the beef.

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