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Simple Veal Sweetbreads Cooking Recipe

Below is the quick and easy cooking recipe for Veal Sweetbreads.

(Animelle di vitello)

Keep in fresh water for an hour. Then place them in a skimmer (ladle with holes) and dip in boiling water or broth. After a brief boiling remove and cool in cold water. Then remove the veins and gullet, taking care not to tear them. The sweetbreads are prepared in various ways and here we give some of the best known:

Sweetbreads with butter.—Boil in broth or11 water, clean and cut into slices. Brown a piece of butter with salt and pepper. Then place the sliced sweetbreads and brown them. Before serving squeeze on a little lemon juice. The sweetbreads prepared in this way are serve the Veal Sweetbreadsd preferably with rice or vegetables.

Sweetbreads with white sauce.—Boiled, cleaned and cut into slices, they are placed in white sauce or balsamella (No. 54) adding a taste of nutmeg, pepper, salt and the juice of half a lemon.

Sweetbreads in fricassee.—Boil, trim and cut into pieces. Then brown in butter with a scallion chopped fine. Once browned, remove from the gravy in which pour a tablespoonful of flour, moistened with broth. The sauce that results is bound with egg-yolks and lemon juice.

Sweetbreads fried.—Boil and trim. Then cut in large slices, neither too thick nor too thin. Dip in beaten egg and in bread crumbs ground. Then fry in butter. Serve the Veal Sweetbreads with vegetables.

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