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Simple Red Currant Or Gooseberry Syrup Cooking Recipe

Below is the quick and easy cooking recipe for Red Currant Or Gooseberry Syrup.

(Sciroppo di ribes)

Remove the stems from the bunches of gooseberry and place them in an earthen vase, to be14 kept in a cool place. When it has begun to ferment (which may happen after three or four days) sink the surface film and stir with a ladle twice a day, continuing this operation until it has stopped raising. Then put in a cheese cloth, letting the juice come out through pressing with the hands or in a machine. Pass the juice through a filter, two or three times if necessary, until you obtain a limpid liquid. Then put it on the fire and when it begins to boil pour in it granulated sugar and citric acid in the following proportions:

Liquid, six pounds.
Sugar, eight pounds.
Citric acid, one ounce.

That is to say for each three parts of the liquid, add four parts of sugar, and one ounce of citric acid for eight pounds of sugar mixed with six pounds of liquid.

Stir continually with the ladle so that the sugar does not stick to the bottom, taste it to add some more citric acid if you judge it necessary, then let it cool and place in bottles to be sealed.

When a beverage is to be prepared pour in a tumbler less than half an inch of syrup for a tumblerful of ice water.14

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