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Simple Italian Cooking Recipe

Below is the quick and easy cooking recipe for Italian.

while-it-is-not-considered-that-the-broth-has-much-nutritive-power,-it is-excellent-to-promote-the-digestion.-nearly-all-the-italian-soups-are made-on-a-basis-of-broth.

a-good-recipe-for-substantial-broth-to-be-used-for-invalids-is-the following:-cut-some-beef-in-thin-slices-and-place-them-in-a-large saucepan;-add-some-salt.-pour-cold-water-upon-them,-so-that-they-are entirely-covered.-cover-the-saucepan-so-that-it-is-hermetically-closed and-place-on-the-cover-a-receptacle-containing-water,-which-must-be constantly-renewed.-keep-on-a-low-fire-for-six-hours,-then-on-a-strong fire-for-ten-minutes.-strain-the-liquid-in-cheese-cloth.

the-soup-stock,-besides-being-used-for-soups,-is-a-necessary-ingredient in-hundreds-of-italian-dishes.



To obtain good broth the meat must be put in cold water, and then allowed to boil slowly. Add to the meat some pieces of bones and "soup greens" as, for instance, celery, carrots and parsley. To give a brown color to the broth, some sugar, first browned at the fire, then diluted in cold water, may be added.

While it is not considered that the broth has much nutritive power, it is excellent to promote the digestion. Nearly all the Italian soups are made on a basis of broth.

A good recipe for substantial broth to be used for invalids is the following: Cut some beef in thin slices and place them in a large saucepan; add some salt. Pour cold water upon them, so that they are entirely covered. Cover the saucepan so that it is hermetically closed and place on the cover a receptacle containing water, which must be constantly renewed. Keep on a low fire for six hours, then on a strong fire for ten minutes. Strain the liquid in cheese cloth.

The soup stock, besides being used for soups, is a necessary ingredient in hundreds of Italian dishes.

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