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Simple Stuffed Curried Mango Peppers Cooking Recipe

Below is the quick and easy cooking recipe for Stuffed Curried Mango Peppers.

To prepare the mango peppers for stuffing, cut off the tops and remove the seeds. Let stand in salt water until required. Then prepare plenty of rice according to Bombay Hulwa Plain Boiled Rice. Keep in a warm place until required.

Fry Hamburg steak with onion and curry powder according to Hamburg Steak Curry. A pound of steak will be plenty for a nice big dish of peppers. Use no water in this mince, but when the meat and onions are partially fried add a cupful of the boiled rice, and mix all together. Stuff the peppers with this mixture of rice and meat.

Put in a roaster and cover with tomato sauce. This sauce may be made from any tinned tomato soup, diluted and more highly seasoned, or it may be made from stewed tomatoes from which the seeds and skins have been removed. Make sauce a little thick. Bake very slowly or steam. Serve the Stuffed Curried Mango Peppers with the remainder of the rice.

This is such a hearty dish that one needs prepare nothing else to be serve the Stuffed Curried Mango Peppersd with it.

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