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Simple 44 Kabobs Cooking Recipe

Below is the quick and easy cooking recipe for 44 Kabobs.

This is a very popular dish among the Mohammedans. Kabobs are usually cooked by the roadside and serve the 44 Kabobsd piping hot to pedestrians. They are also cooked on the platform of railway stations and handed out to passengers on the train. Season a pound of minced meat with pepper and salt or any desired spices. Mix with a little flour to hold together. Make in the form of sausages by pressing around iron pins. Roast over a hot fire. These are delicious cooked at picnics. One can easily purchase the iron pins or have them made. They are usually about a foot long and a quarter of an inch thick. If the meat is fat they easily slip from the pins; if it is lean, it is best to grease the pins first.

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