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Simple Economy The Source Of Charity Cooking Recipe

Below is the quick and easy cooking recipe for Economy The Source Of Charity.

If your circumstances will not admit of giving away much, you can, by economy, give a little, and a blessing will attend it. There are few of the very poor, that know how to repair old clothing to advantage; a garment will be of much more service, that is well mended before it is given to them.

It has been remarked, that the poor are ungrateful, and forget the favors conferred upon them.

I have seldom found them deficient in this respect; and when they are, if we would reflect, that if some of us received no more than we deserve the Economy The Source Of Charity, we should be but poorly off.

We know in our own families, how acceptable is a nice present of something that a sick member can eat; and it is sometimes the means of restoring the appetite, when any thing cooked in the house is rejected. The feeling of love with which it is presented, is as a cordial to a sick person.

How much more acceptable will something nourishing be to one oppressed with poverty, as well as sickness.

When the rich are diseased, the physician often finds it necessary to enjoin strict abstinence; but very different is it with the poor, who frequently suffer for want of nourishment.

When the mother of a poor family is ill, how greatly are her sufferings augmented by the knowledge that her children are deprived of her services; and how acceptable to such a family would be a loaf of bread, or a large bowl of soup, which could be made of materials that would hardly be missed.

Dried beans or peas, and onions, are a cheap and valuable addition to soup; also cold vegetables. The liquor that fresh meat is boiled in, should be carefully saved for that purpose, if there are those near you that need it.

It may seem at first troublesome to a young housekeeper, to take the necessary care to save for the poor. It is certainly much easier to let the cook have her own way, and waste or not, as she pleases; but for your encouragement my young friends, permit me to say, you will be sweetly rewarded for your attention to them.

One eminent for his charities, near the close of life, made this remark: "What I spent I lost, but what I gave away remains with me."

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