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Simple Domestic Cooking Recipe

Below is the quick and easy cooking recipe for Domestic.

To Boil Fresh Meat
To Boil A Turkey
To Boil Beef Tongue, Corned Beef &Amp;C
To Boil A Ham
To Boil Calf's Head
To Boil Veal
Roasting Meat
To Roast A Turkey--To Make Gravy, &Amp;C
To Roast A Goose
To Roast Beef
To Roast Veal And Lamb
To Roast A Pig--Hash Gravy, &Amp;C
To Roast Pork
To Bake A Stuffed Leg Of Veal
To Bake A Pig's Head
To Cook Pigeons
To Bake A Ham
To Bake Beef's Heart
Beef A La Mode
Beef Steak
Mutton Chops
Rabbits And Squirrels
To Fry Ham
To Fry Beef With Kidney
To Fry Liver
Veal Cutlets
To Fry Veal, Lamb Or Pork
To Stew Veal, Lamb Or Pork
Brains And Tongue
Veal Hash
Brain Cakes
Force Meat Balls
To Fry Veal's Liver
To Fry Veal Sweet Breads
To Stew Sweet Breads
To Brown A Calf's Head With The Skin On
Bacon Fraise
Irish Stew
To Brown Flour For Gravy, &Amp;C
Drawn Butter
Stuffing Or Dressing
Egg Sauce
Celery Sauce
Bacon Dumplings
Drop Dumplings
Hash Made Of Fowls
Beef Steak Pudding
Beef Steak Pie
Baked Beef Pudding
Pork Stew Pie
Spiced Beef In The Irish Style
To Bake Fowls
To Fry Chickens
Chickens Fried In Batter
Chickens In Paste
To Fricassee Chickens
Chicken Pie
Pot Pie
Giblet Pie And Soup
Chicken Stewed With New Corn
To Broil Chickens
Chicken Pudding
Cold Chicken With Vinegar
Chicken Salad
Stewed Chickens With Rice
Chicken Soup
Brown Calf's Head Soup
Beef Shin Soup, Mutton Soup, &Amp;C
Gumbo Soup
Pea Soup
Soup Of Dried White Beans, &Amp;C
A Vegetable Soup
To Bake A Rock Fish
To Stew A Rock Fish
To Broil Shad
To Bake A Fresh Shad
To Fry Fresh Fish
To Fry Clams
To Stew Clams
To Pot Fresh Herring
To Boil Salt Cod
To Boil Salt Shad, Mackerel Or Herring
To Boil Salt Salmon
To Boil Fresh Fish
To Stew Terrapins
Oyster Soup
Scolloped Oysters
To Fry Oysters
Oyster Fritters
To Stew Oysters
A Rich Oyster Pie
A Baltimore Oyster Pie
Plain Oyster Pie
Oyster Sauce
To Pickle 100 Oysters
Oysters Pickled Another Way
To Brown Oysters In Their Own Juice
A Dish Of Poached Eggs
Fried Eggs
Fried Eggs Another Way
To Boil Eggs
To Boil Green Corn
To Fricassee Corn
To Keep Corn For Winter
Corn Fritters
To Fry Hominy
To Boil Potatoes
To Stew Potatoes
Sweet Potatoes
To Fry Potatoes
To Fry Tomatoes
Tomato Omelet
To Stew Tomatoes
To Bake Tomatoes
Tomato Jelly, To Eat With Roast Meat
To Fricassee Tomatoes
To Broil Tomatoes For Breakfast
To Bake Tomatoes For Breakfast
Tomatoes Sliced With Onions
To Put Up Tomatoes For Winter
Baked Egg Plant
To Fry Egg Plant
Salsify, Or Oyster Plant
To Stew Or Fry Mushrooms
Cucumbers, To Fry Or Slice
Cold Slaw
Cauliflowers, &Amp;C
To Boil Cabbage
To Boil Greens And Poke
String Beans
Lima Beans
To Keep Green Beans For Winter
Cymlings, Or Squashes
To Bake Pumpkins
To Dry Pumpkins
To Boil Rice
To Keep Vegetables In Winter
Light Bread, Baking In A Stove, &Amp;C
To Bake A Dutch-Oven Loaf
To Bake In A Brick Oven
Directions For Heating A Brick Oven, &Amp;C
Graham Bread
Dyspepsy Bread
Corn Flour Dry Yeast
Potato Yeast
Potato Yeast With Sugar
Dry Yeast
Milk Yeast
Superior Boiled Milk Rolls
Egg Rolls
Soft Rolls
Water Rolls
Potato Rolls
Mush Rolls, Without Milk Or Eggs
Twist Rolls
French Rolls
Bread Rolls
Maryland Biscuit
Light Biscuit
Salaeratus Biscuit
Quick Biscuit
Tea Biscuit
Dyspepsy Biscuit
Salaeratus Cake
Wafer Cakes
Short Cake
Cold Water Muffins
Smith Muffins
Mansfield Muffins
Rice Muffins
Mush Muffins
Boiled Milk Muffins
Cream Muffins
Quick Waffles
Rice Waffles
Flannel Cakes
Mush Flannel Cakes
Bread Batter Cakes
Buckwheat Cakes
Sally Lunn
Butter-Milk Batter Cakes
A Dish Of Milk Toast For Breakfast
General Remarks On Making Bread Of Indian Corn Meal
Corn Meal Porridge
Mush, Mush Cakes, And Fried Mush
Journey Cake
Corn Batter Cakes
Rice Cakes
Corn Bannock
Virginia Pone
Lightened Pone
Cold Water Pone
Indian Bread With Butter-Milk
Little Indian Cakes
Maryland Corn Cakes
A Virginia Hoe Cake
Batter Bread With Yeast
Carolina Corn Rolls
Mixed Bread
New England Hasty Pudding, Or Stir-About
Corn Muffins
Soaked Crackers For Tea
To Make Common Pies
To Stew Fruit For Pies
Pie Crust
Paste For Puddings
Puff Paste
Rich Mince Pies
Mince Pies Not So Rich
Farmers' Mince Pies
Rhubarb Pie
Peach Pie
Pork Mince Pies
Currant Pie
Pumpkin Pudding
Apple Pudding
Quince Pudding
Potato Pudding
Cocoanut Pudding
Sweet Potato Pudding
Lemon Pudding
A Preserve Pudding
Arrow Root Pudding
Rice Pudding
Pudding Of Whole Rice
A Pudding Of Corn Meal
Corn Pudding In Paste
Richmond Pudding
Suet Pudding
Cheese Cakes
Baked Apples
Batter Pudding With Green Fruit
Custard Bread And Butter Pudding
Balloon Puddings
Plain Rice Pudding
A Rice Dish With Fruit
Bread Pudding
Bread And Apple Pudding
Custard Hasty Pudding
Elkridge Huckleberry Pudding
Huckleberry Pudding
Green Corn Pudding
Baked Pudding
A Boiled Indian Pudding
Boiled Bread Pudding
A Bird's Nest Pudding
Little Puddings In Pans
Switzerland Pudding
Boiling Puddings
Screw Dumplings
Large Dumplings
Peach And Apple Dumplings
Light Bread Dumplings
Rice Dumplings
Indian Suet Dumplings
Corn Dumplings
Pan Cakes
Water Pan Cakes--A Cheap Dessert
Apple Fritters
Rice Fritters
Indian Meal Fritters
Snow Fritters
Rice Flummery
Rice Milk
Wine Sauce For Puddings
White Sauce
Cream Sauce
Molasses Sauce
Egg Sauce
Cherry Toast
Apple Custard
Custard Baked In Cups
Boiled Custard
Cold Custard
Cream Custard
Ice Custard With Vanilla
Custard With Raisins
To Boil Custard In Water
Floating Island
Apple Float
Carrageen Or Irish Moss Blancmange
To Keep Suet For Several Months
Skim Curds
Whey Skim Curds
Cheese Curds
Rennet Wine For Cold Custards Or Curds
To Preserve Milk To Use At Sea
Lemon Syrup
Lemon Syrup For Seasoning
Syrup Of Lemon Juice
Pine Apple Syrup
Almond Cream
Tincture Of Vanilla
Superior Receipt For Ice Cream
Freezing Ice Cream
Ice Cream With Lemon
Ice Cream With Fruit
Pokeberry Juice To Stain Ices
Isinglass Jelly
Blancmange Of Jelly
Calf's Foot Jelly
Raisins In Syrup
To Blanch Almonds And Peach Kernels
Snow Cream
Remarks On Making And Baking Cake
Icing For Cake
A Rich Fruit Cake
A Cheaper Fruit Cake
Fruit Or Plum Cake
Pound Cake
White Cake
Washington Cake
Madison Cake
Rice Flour Pound Cake
Sponge Cake
Rice Sponge Cake
Sponge Cake In Small Pans
Lemon Sponge Cake
Cup Cake
Loaf Cake
Queen Cake
Rich Jumbles
Common Jumbles
Molasses Jumbles
Jumbles For Delicate Persons
Cup Jumbles
Jackson Jumbles
Naples Biscuit
New Year Cake
Cider Cake
Dover Cake
Jelly Cake
Almond Cake
Raised Plum Cake
Black Cake
Butter-Milk Cakes
A Composition Cake
Ginger Cup-Cake
Light Ginger Bread
Crisp Ginger-Cake
Ginger-Bread Nuts
Rusk For Drying
Bread Rusk
Common Dough-Nuts
To Clarify Sugar
Apples With Brown Sugar
Crab Apples
Pine Apples
Blackberry Flummery
Common Cherries
Cherries For Common Use
Green Gage Plums
Green Lemons
Citron Melon
Watermelon Rinds
Cantelopes, Cucumbers, Or Melons
A New Mode Of Preserving Peaches
To Preserve Strawberries
Green Peppers
Green Fox-Grape Jelly
Ripe Fox-Grape Jam
Currant Jelly
Lemon Butter Or French Honey
Currant Syrup
Quince Jelly
Apple Jelly
Apple Marmalade
Peach Marmalade
Quince Marmalade
Marmalade Of Mixed Fruits
Lemon Marmalade
To Conserve Pears
Peaches In Cider
Peaches, &Amp;C In Brandy
Grapes In Brandy
To Conserve Peaches
Sauce Of Cherries, Or Damsons
Frosted Fruit
Grapes For Pies
Green Tomatoes For Pies
Conserve Of Roses
To Keep Damsons For Pies
Dried Cherries, &Amp;C
Apple Butter
Candied Preserves, &Amp;C
Cider Marmalade
Tomato Figs
Molasses Candy Or Taffy
Walnut Cheese
Peach Cordial
Quince Cordial
Cherry Cordial
Lemon Brandy
Rose Brandy
Blackberry Cordial
Rose Water
Blackberry Wine
Gooseberry Wine
Currant Wine
Elderberry Wine, &Amp;C
Ginger Wine
Raspberry Wine
Raspberry Vinegar, And Its Uses
Spruce Beer
To Make Two Gallons Of Beer
Harvest Beer
Porter Beer
Molasses Beer
To Make Cider
To Make Vinegar
To Pickle Mangoes
For Pickling Mangoes With Oil And Vinegar
Small Cucumbers
To Pickle Cherries Or Peaches
White Walnuts
English Walnuts
Black Walnuts
Virginia Yellow Pickles
Pepper Mangoes
Cut Cucumbers
Cucumber Catsup
Tomato Catsup
Walnut Catsup
Green Tomato Catsup
Mushroom Catsup
To Cure Bacon
To Pickle Pork
To Cure Hams And Shoulders
To Make A Pickle For Chines
Pigs' Feet
To Make Souse
Dried Beef
To Cure Beef
A New Method Of Curing Beef
To Cure A Dozen Tongues
Pickle For Two Rounds Of Beef
To Corn Beef, Pork Or Mutton
To Restore Meat That Has Been Kept Too Long
To Keep Meat Fresh
To Put Up Herring And Shad
To Put Up Herring, According To The Harford Mode
To Put Up Butter For Winter
To Cure Butter That Will Keep For A Length Of Time
A Pickle For Butter
Pennsylvania Cream Cheese
To Prepare Rennet For Making Whey Or Cheese
Cottage Cheese Or Smearcase
Roasting Coffee
Boiling Coffee
Tea, &Amp;C
A New Mode Of Preparing Chocolate
Rendering Lard
Rendering Tallow
Hard Soap
Potash Soap
Labor-Saving Soap
Ley And Soda Preparation For Washing Clothes
Volatile Soap, And Directions For Washing Clothes
Clear Starching
To Make Corn Starch
Potato Starch
To Make Common Starch
Washing Calicoes, &Amp;C
Table Cloths, &Amp;C
Mending Clothes
Washing Windows
To Make White Or Colored Washes, Dyeing, &Amp;C
To Mix White-Wash
White-Wash For Buildings Or Fences
Chrome Yellow-Wash
Yellow Ochre Wash
To Dye Orange Color
Chrome Yellow For Dyeing Carpet Rags
To Dye A Dark Drab
To Dye Cotton Or Woollen Black
Cedar Dye
To Dye Olive
To Dye Yellow
To Dye Brown
To Dye Red
Brazil Wood Dye
Lead Color
To Dye Scarlet
To Dye Yarn Green
To Dye Cotton Blue
To Keep Apples In Winter
Directions For Making Matresses
To Make A Rag Carpet
To Keep Furs And Woollens
To Keep Curtains
To Keep Blankets In Summer
Carpets, &Amp;C
House Linen
To Clean Paint
To Clean Bedsteads
To Clean Floors
Cleaning Cellars--Rats, Roaches
Putting Straw Under Carpets
Picking Geese, &Amp;C
Marble, &Amp;C
To Restore Colors Taken Out By Acid, &Amp;C
To Make New Feather Beds
To Clean Silver
Britannia Ware
To Clean Stoves Or Grates
Cement To Mend Cracks In Stoves
Fire-Proof Cement
To Take Spots Out Of Mahogany
To Take Grease Out Of Floors
Wash For Hearths
Blacking For Boots And Shoes
To Make Boots And Shoes Water-Proof
To Make Blacking For Morocco Shoes
To Grease Eggs For Winter
To Keep Eggs In Lime Water
To Clean Soiled Eggs
Chloride Of Lime
To Take Lime Out Of Cloth
To Take Wax Or Spermaceti Out Of Cloth
To Remove A Stopper From A Decanter
Precautions Against Fire
To Take Ink And Stains Out Of Linen
Herbs, Gardens And Yards
Greasers For Bake-Irons
Cement For The Tops Of Bottles Or Jars
Cement For Mending Cast-Iron
Weather Proof Cement
To Cleanse Vials, &Amp;C
Mending China With Milk
Mending China With White Lead
Linseed Oil For Furniture
For Filtering Water
On A Larger Scale
To Keep Water Cool In Summer, When You Have Not Ice
To Purify Water
Gum Arabic Paste
Preserving Kettles
To Clean Knives And Forks
To Clean Teeth With Remarks On Fixing The Habit, &Amp;C
To Clean Kid Gloves
To Clean Papered Walls
To Take Old Putty From Window Glass
Cutting Glass For Mending Windows
Remarks Upon A Deeply Seated Cough
For A Cough
Elecampane And Hoarhound Syrup
Brown Mixture For A Cough
Ginger Tea With Remarks On Its Use, &Amp;C
Lemon Mixture For A Cough
Mixture Of Lemon Juice And Honey
Hoarhound Candy
Mustard Bath For The Feet--Soap Stones, &Amp;C
Liverwort Syrup
For Sore Throat
Molasses Posset For A Cold
For Whooping Cough
For The Croup
Infants' Colic, &Amp;C
Summer Diseases
Mustard Whey
Red Mixture
Magnesia, Charcoal And Salts
For Dropsy
For Rheumatism
Deafness, Remarks, &Amp;C
Remedy For Sick Head-Ache
The Oil Of Butter A Remedy For Dysentery, &Amp;C
For Dysentery And Diarrhoea
Remedies For The Dysentery And Cholera Morbus
Remedy For The Ear-Ache
A Wash For Sore Ears
Weak Eyes
For Worms
For Tooth-Ache
Cure For Cholera Morbus
For Colic
For Bilious Colic And Indigestion
Warner's Cordial For Gout In The Stomach
Cure For Tetter
For Cramp In The Stomach
For Cramp
For Scalds And Burns
For Ague
For The Bite Of A Spider
For The Sting Of A Bee
For Bruises
For Felons
For A Sprained Limb
For A Sprained Ancle
Cuts Or Wounds, &Amp;C
For Tetter, Warts, &Amp;C
Poisons, Accidents, &Amp;C
Tar Ointment For The "Milk Crust"
Hop Ointment
Precipitate Ointment, &Amp;C
Blister Ointment
Lily Ointment
Elder Ointment For Burns, &Amp;C
St Johnswort Ointment, And Its Uses
Ointment For Mortification
Bread And Milk, And Flaxseed Poultices
Hop Poultice, And Its Uses
Onion Poultice
Lily Root Poultice
Cream Poultice
Ley Poultice
Adhesive Plaster
A Valuable Salve For Burns And Other Sores
Deshler's Salve For Gatherings Or Sores
Salve For Corns, Or Bunions
Sassafras Poultice
Balsam Apple In Spirits
Cure For Bites
For Scurvy Of The Gums
For An Infant's Sore Mouth
For Affection Of The Kidneys
For A Gathering On A Finger
Huxham's Bark Tincture
Wine Bitters For Debility, &Amp;C
Spice Wood Berries
Spiced Rhubarb
For Chapped Lips
Elderberry Jam For Colds, &Amp;C
Black Currant Jelly, A Remedy For Sore Throat
Lavender Compound
Remarks On Preparing Food For The Sick
Boiled Custard
Egg Panada
Oat-Meal Gruel
Corn Gruel
Tapioca Jelly
Milk Porridge
Barley Water
To Poach Eggs
Barley Panada
Calf's Foot Blancmange
Cream Toast
Milk Toast &Amp;C
To Stew Dried Beef
To Stew Ham, &Amp;C
To Stew Chickens Or Birds
Chicken Water
Beef Feet
Beef Tea, &Amp;C
Mutton And Veal Broth
Wine Whey
Rennet Whey
Mulled Jelly
Mulled Wine
Toast Water
Apple Water, &Amp;C
Black Tea
Rye Mush
Hints On The Management Of Domestics, &Amp;C
Remarks On Carving, &Amp;C
Economy The Source Of Charity
To Encourage Children In Acts Of Kindness To The Aged And Afflicted
Early Rising Promotes Punctuality
Hints To Young Wives

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