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Simple Phosphoric Match Bottle Cooking Recipe

Below is the quick and easy cooking recipe for Phosphoric Match Bottle.

Two thirds of calcined oyster shells, and one third of sulphur, put into a hot crucible for an hour, and afterwards exposed to the air for half an hour, become phosphorus. This is put into a bottle, and when used to procure a light, a very small quantity is taken out on the point of a common match, and rubbed upon a cork, which produces an immediate flame. If a small piece of phosphorus be put into a vial, and a little boiling oil poured upon it, a luminous bottle will be formed; for on taking out the cork, to admit the atmospheric air, the empty space in the vial will become luminous. And if the bottle be well closed, it will preserve the Phosphoric Match Bottle its illuminative power for several months.

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