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Simple Payment Of Rent Cooking Recipe

Below is the quick and easy cooking recipe for Payment Of Rent.

Rent due for tenements let from year to year, is commonly paid on the four quarter days. And when the payments are regularly made at the quarter, the tenant cannot be deprived of possession at any other time than at the end of a complete year from the commencement of his tenancy. If therefore he took possession at Midsummer, he must quit at Midsummer, and notice thereof must be sent at or before the preceding Christmas. A similar notice is also required from the tenant to the landlord, when it is intended to leave the premises.—Every quarter's rent is deemed a separate debt, for which the landlord can bring a separate action, or distress for nonpayment. The landlord himself is the proper person to demand rent: if he employs another person, he must be duly authorised by power of attorney, clearly specifying the person from whom, and the premises for which the rent is due: or the demand will be insufficient, if the tenant should be inclined to evade payment. The following is the form of a receipt for rent:—'Received of R. C. February 13, 183, the sum3 of ten pounds twelve shillings for a quarter's rent, due at Christmas last.'

'£10 1 0                                     J. W. M.'

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