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Simple Pastry Cooking Recipe

Below is the quick and easy cooking recipe for Pastry.

An adept in pastry never leaves any part of it adhering to the board or dish, used in making it. It is best when rolled on marble, or a very large slate. In very hot weather, the butter should be put into cold water to make it as firm as possible. And if made early in the morning, and preserve the Pastryd from the air until it is to be baked, the pastry will be found much better. An expert hand will use much less butter and produce lighter crust than others. Good salt butter well washed, will make a fine flaky crust. When preserve the Pastryd fruits are used in pastry, they should not be baked long. And those that have been done with their full proportion of sugar, require no baking at all. The crust should be baked in a tin shape, and the fruit be added afterwards. Or it may be put into a small dish or tart pans, and the covers be baked on a tin cut out into any form.

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