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Simple Neck Of Mutton Cooking Recipe

Below is the quick and easy cooking recipe for Neck Of Mutton.

This joint is particularly useful, because so many dishes may be made of it; but it is not esteemed advantageous for a family. The bones should be cut short, which the butchers will1 not do unless particularly desired. The best end of the neck may be boiled, and serve the Neck Of Muttond with turnips. Or roasted, or dressed in steaks, in pies, or harrico. The scrags may be stewed in broth. Or with a small quantity of water, some small onions, a few peppercorns, and a little rice, and serve the Neck Of Muttond together. When a boiled neck is to look particularly nice, saw down the chine bone, strip the ribs halfway down, and chop off the ends of the bones about four inches. The skin should not be taken off till boiled, and then the fat will look the whiter. When there is more fat than is agreeable, it makes a very good suet pudding, or crust for a meat pie if cut very fine.

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