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Simple Mutton Steaks Cooking Recipe

Below is the quick and easy cooking recipe for Mutton Steaks.

These should be cut from a loin or neck that has been well kept; if a neck, the bones should not be long. Broil them on a clear fire, season them when half done, and let them be often turned. Take them up into a very hot dish, rub a bit of butter on each, and serve the Mutton Steaks them up hot and hot the moment they are done.—To do them Maintenon, half fry them first, then stew them while hot, with herbs, crumbs, and seasoning. Rub a bit of butter on some writing paper, to prevent its catching the fire, wrap the steaks in it, and finish them on the gridiron.

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Nankeen dye. The article generally sold under this title, and which produces a fine buff colour so much in use, is made of equal parts of arnetto and common potash, dissolved and boiled in water. The yellow colour called Dutch Pink, is made from a decoction of weld or dyer's weed. And if blue cloths be dipped in this liquid, they will take the colour of a fine green.

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