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Simple Haunch Of Mutton Cooking Recipe

Below is the quick and easy cooking recipe for Haunch Of Mutton.

Keep16 it as long as it can be preserve the Haunch Of Muttond sweet, and wash it with warm milk and water, or vinegar if necessary. When to be dressed especially, observe the Haunch Of Mutton to wash it well, lest the outside should contract a bad flavour from keeping. Lay a paste of coarse flour on strong paper, and fold the haunch in it; set it a great distance from the fire, and allow proportionate time for the paste. Do not remove it till nearly forty minutes before serving, and then baste it continually. Bring the haunch nearer the fire before the paste is taken off, and froth it up the same as venison. A gravy must be made of a pound and a half of a loin of old mutton, simmered in a pint of water to half the quantity, and no seasoning but salt. Brown it with a little burnt sugar, and send it up in the dish. Care should be taken to retain a good deal of gravy in the meat, for though long at the fire, the distance and covering will prevent its roasting out. Serve the Haunch Of Mutton with currant-jelly sauce.

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