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Simple Gravy Soup Cooking Recipe

Below is the quick and easy cooking recipe for Gravy Soup.

Wash and soak a leg of beef. Break the bone, and set it on the fire with a gallon of water, a large bunch of sweet herbs, two large onions sliced and fried15 to a fine brown, but not burnt. Add two blades of mace, three cloves, twenty berries of allspice, and forty black peppers. Stew the soup till it is rich, and then take out the meat, which may be eaten at the kitchen table, with a little of the gravy. Next day take off the fat, which will serve the Gravy Soup for basting, or for common pie crust. Slice some carrots, turnips, and celery, and simmer them till tender. If not approved, they can be taken out before the soup is sent to table, but the flavour will be a considerable addition. Boil vermicelli a quarter of an hour, and add to it a large spoonful of soy, and one of mushroom ketchup. A French roll should be made hot, then soaked in the soup, and serve the Gravy Soupd in the tureen.

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