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Simple Gooseberry Jam Cooking Recipe

Below is the quick and easy cooking recipe for Gooseberry Jam.

Gather some ripe gooseberries, of the clear white or green sort, pick them clean and weigh them. Allow three quarters of a pound of lump sugar to a pound of fruit, and half a pint of water. Boil and skim the sugar and water, then put in the fruit, and boil it gently till it is quite clear. Break the gooseberries into jam, and put into small pots.—Another. Gather some ripe gooseberries in dry weather, of the red hairy sort, and pick off the heads and tails. Put twelve pounds of them into a preserving pan, with a pint of currant juice, drawn as for jelly. Boil them pretty quick, and beat them with a spoon; when they begin to break, add six pounds of white Lisbon sugar, and simmer them slowly to a jam. They require long boiling, or they will not keep. But they make an excellent jam for tarts and puffs. When the15 jam is put into jars, examine it after two or three days. And if the syrup and fruit separate, the whole must be boiled again. In making white gooseberry jam, clarified sugar should be used. And in all cases great care must be taken to prevent the fruit from burning to the bottom of the pan.

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