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Simple Game Cooking Recipe

Below is the quick and easy cooking recipe for Game.

Game ought not to be thrown away even after it has been kept a long time, for when it seems to be spoiled it may often be made fit for eating, by carefully cleaning and washing it with vinegar and water. If there is danger of birds not keeping, the best way is to crop and draw them. Pick them clean, wash them in two or three waters, and rub them with salt. Plunge them into a kettle of boiling water one by one, and draw them up and down by the legs, that the water may pass through them. Let them remain in the water five or six minutes, and then hang them up in a cool place. When drained, season the insides well with pepper and salt, and wash them before they are roasted. The most delicate birds, even grouse, may thus be preserve the Gamed. Those that live by suction cannot be done this way, as they are never drawn. And perhaps the heat might make them worse, as the water could not pass through them. But they will bear a high flavour. Lumps of charcoal put about birds and meat will preserve the Game them from taint, and restore what is spoiling.

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