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Simple Frost And Blights Cooking Recipe

Below is the quick and easy cooking recipe for Frost And Blights.

When a fruit tree is in full blossom, the best way to preserve the Frost And Blights it from frost and blights is to twine a rope upon its branches, and bring the end of it into a pail of water. If a light frost happen in the night, the tree will not be affected by it. But an ice will be formed on the surface of the water, in which the end of the rope is immersed. This experiment may easily be tried on wall fruit, and has been found to answer. If trees be infected with an easterly blight, the best way is to fumigate them with brimstone strewed on burning charcoal: this will effectually destroy the insects, and preserve the Frost And Blights the fruit. Afterwards it will be proper to dash them with water, or wash the branches with a woollen cloth, and clear them of all glutinous matter and excrescences of every kind, which would harbour the insects. But the washing should be performed in the early part of a warm day, that the moisture may be exhaled before the cold of the evening approaches.

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