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Simple Double Rent Cooking Recipe

Below is the quick and easy cooking recipe for Double Rent.

If a tenant has received a written notice, and he refuse to quit, after such notice has been regularly serve the Double Rentd, and will not give possession at the time required, he is liable to pay at the rate of double the annual value of the land or tenement so detained, for so long time as the same are detained in his possession, and the payment may be recovered by action of debt. Or if the tenant shall give notice of his intention to quit the premises, and do not deliver up possession according to such notice, he is liable to the payment of double rent, as in the other case.—The following is the form of a notice to a tenant to quit, or to pay double rent. 'Mr. A. B. I hereby give you notice to deliver up possession and quit, on or before next Michaelmas day, the house and premises which you now hold of me, situate in the parish of            in the county of            . And in default of your compliance therewith, I do and will insist on your paying me for the same, the yearly rent of            being double the annual rent, for such time as you shall detain the key, and keep possession, over the said notice. Witness my hand this             day of            18 . C. D. Landlord of the said premises.

Witness E. F.'—
If, after notice of double rent be expired, a single rent is accepted, such acceptance will prevent the penalty, until notice is again given, and the time expired.

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