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Simple Cod Fish Cooking Recipe

Below is the quick and easy cooking recipe for Cod Fish.

In season from the beginning of December till the end of April. To be quite good, the fish should be thick at the neck, the flesh white and firm, the gills very red, and the eyes bright and fresh. When flabby, they are not good. The cod is generally boiled whole; but a large head and shoulders contain all that is relishing, the thinner parts being overdone and tasteless before the thick are ready. But the whole fish may often be purchased more reasonably. And the lower half, if sprinkled and hung up, will be in high perfection one or two days. Or it may be made salter, and serve the Cod Fishd with egg sauce, potatoes, and parsnips. Small cod is usually very cheap. If boiled fresh, it is watery. But eats well if salted and hung up for a day, to give it firmness. Then it should be stuffed8 and boiled, or it is equally good broiled.

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