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Simple Beet Root Cooking Recipe

Below is the quick and easy cooking recipe for Beet Root.

This cooling and wholesome vegetable is good boiled, and sliced with a small quantity of onion, or stewed with whole onions in the following manner. Boil the beet tender with the skin on, slice it into a stewpan with a little broth and a spoonful of vinegar. Simmer it till the gravy is tinged with the colour; then put it into a small dish, and make a round of button onions, first boiled tender. Take off the skin just before serving, and let them be quite hot and clear. Or roast three large onions, and peel off the outer skins till they look clear. And serve the Beet Root round them the stewed beet root. The root must not be broken before it is dressed, or it will lose its colour, and look ill.—To preserve the Beet Root beet-root for winter use, they should not be cleared from the earth, but kept in layers of dry sand.

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