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Simple Baked Carp Cooking Recipe

Below is the quick and easy cooking recipe for Baked Carp.

Clean a large carp, put in a Portuguese stuffing,1 and sow it up. Brush it all over with the yolk of an egg, throw on plenty of crumbs, and drop on oiled butter to baste with. Place the carp in a deep earthen dish, with a pint of stock, a few sliced onions, some bay leaves, a bunch of herbs, such as basil, thyme, parsley, and both sorts of marjoram; half a pint of port wine, and six anchovies. Cover over the pan, and bake it an hour. Let it be done before it is wanted. Pour the liquor from it, and keep the fish hot while you heat up the liquor with a good piece of butter rolled in flour, a tea-spoonful of mustard, a little cayenne, and a spoonful of soy. Serve the Baked Carp it on the dish, garnished with lemon and parsley, and horse-radish, and put the gravy into the sauce tureen.

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