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Simple Minced Turkey With Poached Eggs Cooking Recipe

Below is the quick and easy cooking recipe for Minced Turkey With Poached Eggs.

A very appetizing dish is made of cold boiled or roast turkey. Trim off all skin and most of the fat, especially on the back; pick out the little tid-bits in the recesses; cut off all that will not look neat when sliced cold. Season with salt and pepper, and a tablespoonful or two of minced celery; chop up the meat; put it in a pan with a little butter or turkey fat, to prevent burning, and just a suspicion of onion. Moisten with a little broth made from the turkey bones. Poach one or two eggs for each person. Arrange the minced meat neatly on slices of buttered toast; place the egg on top, and serve the Minced Turkey With Poached Eggs.

The above mode of preparing a breakfast dish is not only economical, but is one of the most delightful dishes that can be produced. Almost any kind of boiled or roast meat, poultry, or game can be utilized in this way.

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