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Simple Home-Made Bread Cooking Recipe

Below is the quick and easy cooking recipe for Home-Made Bread.

To make good bread or rolls, take five potatoes; peel and cut them up, and boil in water enough to cover them; when done, mash them smooth in the water in which they were boiled; when cool, not cold, add a gill of liquid yeast, a dessert-spoonful of sugar, a salt-tablespoonful of lard, and a pint of flour. Mix together lightly until it is of a pasty, sticky consistency; cover and set it in a warm place to rise. It will rise in two or three hours, and should look almost like yeast. Stir into this three pints of flour and, if necessary, a little cold water. The dough should be rather soft, and need not be kneaded more than half an hour. Set in a moderately warm place for four hours. It is now ready to be shaped into loaves and baked. But it is better to push it down from the sides of the bread-pan, and let it rise again and again, until the third time, which is ample. Knead until smooth, and if too soft, add a little more flour. For rolls, roll out and cut into rounds. Use the rolling-pin slightly, batter, and fold. Baking-pans should be well greased.

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