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Simple Hamburg Steak, Sauce Piquante Cooking Recipe

Below is the quick and easy cooking recipe for Hamburg Steak, Sauce Piquante.

Select a thick rump steak, and with a stiff-backed kitchen knife scrape away the lean meat from the sinews. Season the meat with salt and cayenne, and shape it into a round form slightly flattened on top. Fry a minced onion brown in butter; cook the steak in this, on both sides, and serve the Hamburg Steak, Sauce Piquante with the following sauce: put into the same saucepan half a pint of strong soup stock, half a teaspoonful of browned flour, three tablespoonfuls of vinegar, a tablespoonful of chopped eschalot, a teaspoonful of chopped parsley, half a saltspoonful of black pepper, and a little salt. Simmer, strain, and serve the Hamburg Steak, Sauce Piquante.

Many like a Hamburg steak rare, while others prefer it well done; others there are who think they like it rare, highly seasoned with onion and other pungent seasoning.

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