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Simple Filet Of Sole, Sauce Tartare Cooking Recipe

Below is the quick and easy cooking recipe for Filet Of Sole, Sauce Tartare.

Remove the head, fins, tail, and skin from a medium-sized flounder; lay the fish flat on the table, and with a sharp knife make a deep cut through to the back-bone the whole length of the fish. Cut the upper side lengthwise from the bone; now remove the bone from the lower part, and cut the fish into pieces crosswise, each piece to be about two inches in width. Season each piece; roll it up and tie it with strong thread; dredge them in flour, and fry in plenty of hot fat (they may be dipped in egg batter and rolled in bread crumb if liked); remove the thread. Arrange them neatly on a hot dish; garnish with parsley, and send to table with sauce tartare (which see).

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