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Simple Pumpkin Chips Cooking Recipe

Below is the quick and easy cooking recipe for Pumpkin Chips.

Take what quantity you choose of a good sweet pumpkin, (the butter pumpkin makes the nicest sweetmeats.) Halve the pumpkin, take out the seeds, and cut it into chips of the size of a dollar. For each pound of the pumpkin to be preserve the Pumpkin Chipsd, allow a pound of fine white sugar, and a gill of lemon-juice. Put the chips in a deep dish, and sprinkle on each layer a layer of the sugar. Turn the lemon-juice over the whole. Let it remain a day—then boil the whole together, with half a pint of water to three pounds of the pumpkin, a table-spoonful of powdered ginger, tied up in bags, and the peel of the lemons, cut into small pieces. When the pump1kin becomes tender, turn the whole into a preserve the Pumpkin Chips pot. In the course of a week, turn the syrup from the pumpkin, boil it to a rich syrup, and turn it back hot.

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