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Simple Pickle Cabbages And Cauliflowers Cooking Recipe

Below is the quick and easy cooking recipe for Pickle Cabbages And Cauliflowers.

Purple cabbages are the best for pickling. Pull off the loose leaves, quarter the cabbages, put them in a keg, and sprinkle a great deal of salt, on each one—let them remain five or six days. To a gallon of vinegar put an ounce of mace, one of peppercorns and cinnamon, (cloves and allspice improve the taste of the cabbages, but they turn it a dark color.) Heat the vinegar scalding hot, put in a little alum, and turn it while hot on to the cabbages—the salt should remain that was sprinkled on the cabbages. Turn the vinegar from the cabbages six or seven times—heat it scalding hot, and turn it back while hot, to make them tender. Cauliflowers are pickled in the same manner. Cauliflowers cut into bunches, and pickled with beet roots sliced, look very prettily.

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