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Simple Goose Cooking Recipe

Below is the quick and easy cooking recipe for Goose.

Turn the neck end of the goose towards you, and cut the whole breast in slices on each side of the bird, but only remove them as you help each person, unless the company is so large as to require the legs likewise. Turn the goose on one side, and then take off the leg by putting the fork into the small end of the leg bone, pressing it close to the body; and, having passed the knife in the line e, d, turn the leg back, and, if a young bird, it will easily separate.

To take off the wing, put your fork into the small end of the pinion, and press it close to the body; then put in the knife at c, and divide the joint, taking it down in the direction c, d. Nothing but practice will enable people to hit the joint exactly at the first trial. When the leg and wing of one side are done, go on to the other; cut off the apron in the line, f, e, g, then take off the merry-thought in the line o, i. The neck bones are next to be separated as in a fowl, and all other parts divided the same.

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