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Simple Apple Jelly Cooking Recipe

Below is the quick and easy cooking recipe for Apple Jelly.

Halve tart apples, and take out the cores. Boil them till very soft, in a large proportion of water—then let it pass1 through a jelly-bag, without squeezing them. Weigh the liquor, and to each pint of it put a pound of white sugar—then boil it slowly till it becomes a thick jelly, which is ascertained in the same manner as currant jelly. If you wish to have it of a red tinge, put in, when taken from the fire, a little cranberry or beet-juice. If you wish to have it a straw color, put in a little tincture of saffron. If green, use the expressed juice of spinach leaves. Let it pass through the jelly-bag again—when cool, turn it into glasses.

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